Health Link is a South Sudanese non-profit, Humanitarian and developmental organization founded to contribute towards the reduction and elimination of absolute poverty and social inequalities by promoting social justice, equity and the dignity of the human person.

Good Governance

HLSS works to promote good stewardship, transparency, stringent accountability and efficiency by use of sound systems.

Human Dignity

At HLSS, we treat dignity of the human person as sacred, inviolable and a fundamental right and we are committed to lead in eradication of  social injustices.

Community Ownership

We believe in community involvement to enhance saliency of behavioural change as a way of creating a supportive environment for their participation.


Our commitment is to promote equity by empowering the poor to have access to basic human needs and enable them to live productively with dignity, promote harmony, peace, reconciliation and co-existence of all communities.

Healthcare and Nutrition

Covers provision of Clinical care, Maternal & Child Health/ Reproductive health, Immunization and Nutrition. Prevention & control of communicable diseases (HIV/AIDS, TB,  . . . read more.

Gender and Protection

South Sudan’s history is characterized by slavery, civil wars, economic repression, inter- tribal conflicts, proliferation of small arms, which have resulted into wide spread insecurity . .  . read more.

Emergency & Disaster Management

The December 2013 widespread violence in South Sudan resulted into mass population displacement across the affected states. Eastern Equatoria being relatively calm received a huge . . . read more.


Our priorities are on increasing access to agricultural technologies, promoting concept and practices of sustainable agriculture, value addition and processing, diversification of . . . read more.


Health Link South Sudan focuses on promotion of sustainable, best practices of hygiene and sanitation (i.e. proper excreta disposal, vector control, and solid waste management) and . . . read more.


Education is coined around the need to increase literacy level in the country by removing barriers to universal primary education for all school going age children, providing alternative education. . . read more.



Stay up to date with our current work through our recent news below.

Health Link Takes Malaria Control to the Grassroots

Mingkaman- Health Link South Sudan (HLSS) has launched its integrated community case management (iCCM) of Malaria, Diarrhoea and Pneumonia in ...
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FAO, Health Link Launch 1.5Million Voucher Scheme for IDPs

Nimule – March 2015 A nutrition supplement voucher scheme worth over a million South Sudanese pounds has been launched for the ...
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